Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

motorbike accident on the city streetIf you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may quickly find that others immediately assume you are to blame. Attempting to effectively prove your innocence while recovering the damages you deserve can feel like an uphill battle without experienced representation. Fortunately, Paul M. da Costa and the attorneys at Snyder Sarno D'Aniello Maceri da Costa LLC are versed in motorcyclists' rights. We will review your case, provide you with committed support, and present an aggressive and compelling case on your behalf. We will fight for your best interest and the compensation owed to you. To learn more about how we can help you file a motorcycle accident lawsuit, contact our practice serving Roseland, Somerville, Hackensack, and communities throughout New Jersey.

The Motorcyclist’s Disadvantages

If you drive a motorcycle, you are up against two major disadvantages. First, most people automatically attribute a reputation to you simply because of your mode of transportation. While a wide variety of people choose to ride motorcycles, others unfortunately often judge a book by its cover. If you drive a motorcycle, the jurors on your case may already have a negative perception of you as being reckless or irresponsible. In addition, you may find that at the scene of the crash, police unfairly attribute blame to you without considering the entire scenario. Second, car and truck drivers will often overlook you while on the road, simply because they are watching out for other cars and trucks. At Snyder Sarno D'Aniello Maceri da Costa LLC, we will excel at overcoming jury bias in these cases so you can recover damages.

Why You Need Representation

Operating a motorcycle puts you at an increased chance of injury or death when involved in an accident. Unfortunately, in the state of New Jersey, motorcyclists do not have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits. This means that if you are involved in an accident, the other party, such as a pedestrian, may receive benefits, but you will not. In order to recover compensation, you will need experienced legal representation. We know the law intimately, and will fight to ensure you receive the funds you require for medical coverage and other damages. 

How We Will Help

At Snyder Sarno D'Aniello Maceri da Costa LLC, we realize your motorcycle crash has likely had a significant impact on your life, both financially and emotionally. We will go to the lengths necessary to right the wrong, while fighting to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Paul M. da Costa and his colleagues strive to provide you with the experienced voice you need to ensure your rights are protected. He believes in bringing the truth to light, and will not hesitate to go to trial so you can collect your damages.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, contact an attorney right away to prove the other party’s liability. An attorney has the knowledge and experience to establish a fact-based case with the jury, while assisting you in recovering damages. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, so we can thoroughly review your case. 

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