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$1.5 Million Verdict

"Mr. da Costa represented me in a medical malpractice case that lasted for three years.  From the onset, Mr. da Costa was very decisive about the case.  He commanded the facts exceptionally well and with a great level of focus on details.  During depositions, he was very aggressive and diligent and was able to elicit facts and admissions from the Defendant that proved extremely helpful at trial.  Leading up to trial, and during trial, he continued to prepare meticulously and manage overall strategy of the case.  He also gave me a lot of confidence during trial, and I was very well prepared when it came to testify at trial.  During the entire trial, Mr. da Costa fought hard to convince the jury that a wrong had been committed by the Defendant that needed to be made right.  With his trial skills and tenacity, the jury ultimately found in my favor and rendered a $1.5 million verdict.  I am thankful that he represented me, and I strongly recommend him to anyone that is in need of a tenacious trial attorney."

Michal Friedman - Client


Excellent Attorney

"Mr. DACOSTA is an excellent attorney. He was diligent in his research of my case and he demonstrated professionalism . He was very compassionate. I highly recommend him."



Diligent, Professional, Knowledgeable

"Paul da Costa has been a wonderful attorney. He is easily accessible when I have questions, keeps me up to date on the processes and events occurring, is supportive, is thorough in explanations concerning the dynamics of the case, and is always prompt with new information."

 A Truly Dedicated and Caring Lawyer
"Paul personally stood by my side and represented me throughout my injury case.  Whether it was business at hand, advice, or a late night phone call to help me understand what was going on; he never took a step back towards helping me.  I knew that I could call on him at any time.  My case was very successful and I attribute that to Paul's dedication.  He even came to me during a snow storm when I could not make it to his office.  I certainly would recommend him to anyone."
" I am writing this letter to express how pleased my husband and I are that Attorney Paul da Costa was able to represent me in my Personal Injury case. I had previously dealt with an Attorney who took my case and left after 2 years with no explanation. Paul da Costa not only took my case but he made me feel that he really cared, always wiling to listened, returned phone calls, provided support even offering encouragement during those few times I was not feeling positive. Paul da Costa would called me to find out how things were going and kept me informed of any progress. Attorney Paul da Costa is not your  typical lawyer, he is a down to earth professional who cares about his clients and gets the job done. Attorney Paul da Costa was a pleasure to deal with both personally and professionally."

Dear Mr. Snyder and Mr. Sarno,

My name is Mr. Angel Diaz and I wanted to write this letter for my Attorney Paul M. da Costa.  For the past several months Paul represented me and my deceased mother in a Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death Case.  During his representation for our family, he conducted his legal services with the highest degree of care and professionalism.  He was always very kind, informative and truly understanding in helping me and my family take our case to trial.  I remember sitting in that court room looking at Paul representing our family during the entire 3 week trial and saying to myself that my mom would be proud of him.  He gave my mom justice when no other attorney would take our case and help us.  Paul has the true ability to place a person at total ease and made myself and my family feel very comfortable during his legal representation of us.

His dedication to this military veteran, his kindness to humanity and his performance professionalism should not go unwarranted.

Please inform Paul of this letter and my lasting gratitude.  Thank you Mr. Snyder and Mr. Sarno for running such an outstanding NJ Law Firm and for taking a moment in reading this soldier’s letter.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mr. Angel Diaz 

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